Taking the Lead in Fighting Coronavirus

We at Resortman are dedicated to ensuring the continued good health and well-being of our customers and team members during this Coronovirus-19 mitigation period.

We are following local health and public safety regulations along with Center for Disease Control guidelines while adhering to strict sanitation procedures.

·    Following complete cleaning, washing and detailing of our vehicles inside and out, they are parked outdoors to allow for the sun’s UV rays to further disinfect doorhandles, trunk lids, etc.

·    The passenger areas of our vehicles are cleaned with disinfectant wipes before and after each trip using CDC recommended cleaning agents.

·    We perform temperature checks on every driver at the beginning of each shift.

·    Our drivers are using personal protective equipment, including face masks and gloves.

·    Drivers are also practicing safe personal distancing.

·    As an extra measure, we are removing all materials in the rear seating area such as newspapers, magazines and literature that may be prone to germ retention.

·    As is our normal practice, we instruct all employees to seek medical care immediately if they feel ill or running a temperature. Of course, we do not allow any visibly sick employees to report to work.  

As always, we are dedicated to providing you with the utmost level of service and safety possible, including a welcome, sanitary environment. We urge you to take the personal precautions necessary to ensure your continued good health as well!

Ralf & Teri Pirozzi - Owners